TextOut for a Bright Future

TextOut is a peer-to-peer texting software that is available to any progressive candidate, party, or organization as well as non-partisan government, voting rights, and voter registration groups.

Our platform was built by members of the progressive movement and informed by both doing the work and listening closely to the needs of others who do, it’s for us, by us. All proceeds go back to furthering the work of the non-profits that own it, not enriching outside tech or venture capital investors. 

How It Works

Features built to enable listening, persuasion, and mobilization at scale

Only TextOut unites all our progressive organizations’ learnings into one texting platform to realize our shared vision of the future: an engaged and unified citizenry. Click below to jump to them.


Available Service Levels


What You Get: Just the software - you stand up all programs, you do all the texting, you handle all your data in and out, you onboard and train all your volunteers. Email technical support available with one business day turnaround time.


What You Get: We’re your partner. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you to execute the work and ensure its success. We build your messaging with you. We load your scripts and data. We send your texts with our national volunteer team, Text Troop, whom we train and onboard. We return data files via nightly batching or API for your needs and pre-analyze your data in your reporting dashboard. 


We stand with you so that you don’t have to build and manage this infrastructure yourself.

Features That Make an Impact


Unlimited texters per account or active program

Beta mode for program testing and before launch


Multilevel administration access & volunteer designation

Unlimited texters per account or active program

Programs built and launched by TextOut

via Wiki and E-mail

Administer technical support

Beta mode for program testing and before launch

Customizable contact exclusion rules

Create user accounts from imported lists


Structured conversation data automatically applied and saved

Freeform conversation data capture enabled

Personally identifiable information is hidden

Use your own lists of contacts 

Data dashboard including graphs and statistics from texting programs

Provided lists enhanced with cell phone numbers from our 3rd party file

Audiences defined and contact lists pulled for you

Quality Control

Real-time review of recent texts before next batch approval

Feedback on texter work quality stored and pushed out to texter


Real-time usage details

Dashboard view of key metrics and campaign insights

Regularly updated accounting and billing detail


One-step copy/paste script and data tag load

Searchable script replies containing both title and body

Library of templated base scripts and workflows

Customizations Included

Baseline scripts included with the ability to customize

Ability to load script replies with start/end dates


Scalable cloud architecture

Legally compliant one-message-per-click sending

Local phone numbers for sending

Desktop browser interface

Tablet browser interface

Smartphone browser interface

NGP VAN integration


Single-view of all active texting opportunities

Texting assignment approval available

Automated texting assignment available

<1 second message/send click rate

Organization and sorting of message inbox

Color-based notification of replies needing attention

Email notification of waiting replies

Individual text re-assignment at texter’s request

Automated text reassignment en masse and individually

"Ghost replying" (replying on behalf of a user) available


Multi-level invoices built up from the program level

Invoicing on a minimum monthly basis

Reseller option available

Volunteer Management

Access to existing Open Progress Text Troop volunteers (6000+ strong)

New volunteer onboarding

via support Wiki

1:1 onboarding in Text Troop

Searchable support Wiki with links embedded in the user view

Custom program training materials

Guaranteed sending of all your texts