TextOut Salesperson

Position: Full-time  • Location: Remote

To Apply: Send a resume along with a note about your story and why you would be a good fit for this position

TextOut is seeking an experienced, talented, and multi-faceted salesperson to join as a salesperson. TextOut is a new SaaS solution in the progressive peer-to-peer texting space and is ready to grow!  The salesperson will be able to create systems, develop strategy and goals, cultivate relationships and ultimately make lots of sales. Looking for someone who is comfortable with all phases of the SaaS sales process covering small to enterprise-level clients. This person is an innovative go-getter, a problem solver unafraid to execute to make the sale.

  • Build sales pipeline and funnel

  • Developing and creating potential leads

  • Determine needed and create sales materials

  • Meet with clients and potential clients, making connections and cultivating opportunity

  • Lead meetings, developing and delivering the pitch and making the close

  • Maintain database and other systems for tracking and follow-up

  • Represent TextOut at key conferences and conventions 

  • Innovate and prioritize for success

  • Ability to become familiar with the tool and run multi-faceted demos for prospects

  • Is invested in and aligned with the TextOut Mission

  • Has sales experience, preferably in software

  • Has outstanding communication skills

  • Can develop and present to clients and close deals

  • Willing to get out of the office, meet people, travel and make things happen

  • Is super-organized, nothing falls through the cracks

  • Is a self-starter, creating opportunities and initiating leads, needing minimal direction

  • Preferably comes with existing connections across the industry with candidates, staff, and/or state parties

  • Willing to do cold outreach and warm follow-up

  • Strong prioritizer, capable of dynamically reviewing targets and re-assessing tactics

  • Independent thinker willing to iterate and innovate, working for constant improvement

  • Comfortable with continuous change - our software is being actively developed, the goal posts are being actively moved and this should excite you rather than be a burden

  • Willing to travel

About TextOut

TextOut is Open Progress’ proprietary person-to-person texting software. Built in 2018 and spun out in 2019 as its own firm, TextOut makes possible richly-scripted interactions which can be easily overseen with high levels of quality control - and no loss of the key data you need because it’s automatically captured. All profits from TextOut go back to fund non-profit missions at Open Progress and its other non-profit partners, making it the only progressive technology platform in the space that exists to not only drive change but to fund it, too.