TextOut for Progress, Not Profit

TextOut is for the movement, by the movement - including who its owners are: not-for-profits who do the work. Instead of pushing profits back to the traditional tech investors in our space like venture capitalists or private founders, TextOut’s financial success creates success for the non-profits that own it. And, that won’t change. Only other non-for-profits can ever be included as an owner of TextOut.


In short: The money TextOut makes isn’t designed to make anybody but our movement richer.

Start the Conversation

No matter what service level of TextOut, you are charged for every outbound message you send to a contact.

There is no minimum of texts sent required and your TextOut workspace is not limited in volunteer or admin size. 

Additional Costs: 
Additional charges for Turnkey services may occur for texting program scripts based on Turnkey client design. Please contact sales@textout.io with your Turnkey texting program specifications and total voter contact for a more detailed estimate.
Standard: No script fee. Client writes their own texting program scripts.

  • No minimums or guarantees are required to activate the pricing in the grid above

  • Pre-payment in million message tranches can unlock better per-message pricing 

  • Volumes are aggregated at the master contract level to activate pricing (i.e., all candidates of one consulting firm can be summed together; all regional chapters of one organization can be summed together)

  • Enterprise clients anticipating more than 10,000,000 messages are encouraged to share with us their vision for total outbound message needs, and we can work out custom pricing covering all texts sent for the contract together

We are proud to work with these progressive game changers

Frequently Asked Questions


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