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It's All About the Municipals



Ptosha Davis, ptosha@openprogress.com

Partnerships & Community Outreach, Open Progress

Meredith Barrett Cuomo, mcuomo@ncdp.org

Executive Director, North Carolina Democratic Party

Jacqueline A. Kozin, jkozin@ctdems.org

Executive Director, Connecticut Democratic Party

Open Progress Text Troop & TextOut proudly join forces with state parties across the country to engage in local races.

New York, NY –– Open Progress Text Troop and TextOut are proud to partner with the North Carolina & Connecticut Democratic parties to engage, persuade, and mobilize voters in local races this year. Through our work together, we have raised awareness of the importance of off-year elections, persuaded undecided voters to vote for local Democrats, and mobilized grassroots supporters to volunteer in these crucial municipal races. We at Open Progress are deeply aware of the importance of local races, noting that many national figures––including Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina and Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut––began their careers in politics at the local level.

“At TextOut, we have a saying, inspired by First Lady Michelle Obama’s famous quote: ‘when they go low, we go local.’ The importance of engaging voters in local elections not only matters for the day-to-day lives of working families in these localities but is also crucial to building a strong Progressive bench. The North Carolina & Connecticut Democratic parties are stronger today because of local, municipal wins last night. We are proud to stand with them,” said Elizabeth Haynes, co-founder of TextOut.

TextOut, a peer-to-peer texting software program developed by the non-profits Open Progress and the Progressive State Leaders Committee changed the digital conversation by sending voters over 22 million texts in 33 US states during 2018. Open Progress’ Volunteer Text Troop, whose mission is to further democracy by reaching and empowering voters one citizen at a time, has worked with partners including Mi Familia Vota, the Second Chances Coalition, and the Democratic Attorneys General Association to register and activate voters in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Mississippi, and Nevada since 2017.

"In a small state like Connecticut, personal relationships make all the difference in voter contact. TextOut has provided invaluable tools that allow volunteers to share campaign messages with peers, but to also answer questions and truly communicate. The best campaign tools are ones that expand the campaign’s reach, save time and engage voters, and this service does it all."

“North Carolina Democrats began this year hyper-focused on municipal races across the state to build our bench and create change at the local level,” NCDP Executive Director Meredith Cuomo said. “We are proud to partner with TextOut and Open Progress Text Troop, two organizations similarly valued focusing on the local level and leveraging innovative digital tools to turn out voters.”


TextOut is peer-to-peer texting software that is available to any progressive candidate, party, or organization as well as non-partisan government, voting rights, and voter registration groups. The platform was built by members of the progressive movement and informed by both doing the work and listening closely to the needs of others who do. All proceeds go back to furthering the work of the non-profits that own it.


Open Progress, a 501 (c) 4 works to unlock the power of digital human connection for progressive change in America. Be it at the ballot box, in legislative chambers big and small, or on the stoops, sidewalks, and streets of our neighborhoods, humans in conversation with one another - in person, in-text message, and on social media - will bring about the change we seek. We aim to harness this interconnected power of all our human connections.