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Case Studies

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With 26 million texts sent and a volunteer force of more than 6,000 at the ready, we know that real conversations create transformative results. More than 6 in 10 Americans of all ages send and receive text messages, enabling progressive campaigns and organizations to talk with people like never before. TextOut transforms a simple text into actions that power change because it makes possible direct, informative discussions that both listen and engage within an easy-to-use software tool.

Andy Beshear for Kentucky Governor

The Challenge

Kentucky Democratic Party logo

Attorney General Andy Beshear was running against one of the most unpopular incumbents in a state that Trump won by 29+ points. Could he flip the Kentucky governor’s mansion and put Kentucky in play for 2020?

Vote Tripling for Turnout

Working with TextOut, the campaign implemented a new and proven tactic, Vote Tripling. Vote Tripling can help with that must-have for any win: turnout. In dedicated texting outreach and included in all the listening, persuasion, and GOTV texting programs, voters would promise to triple their votes were solicited and recorded.

KY Beshear Texting Results

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Vote Tripling in Action

These Vote Triplers made a difference. Looking at the two counties where the campaign needed to run up the vote the most, the Beshear team went beyond expectations, and precincts with the heaviest turnout also had the most recorded Vote Triplers. Indeed, in critical Jefferson County, Beshear's votes outpaced the opponent by nearly 100,000.

The Results

After reaching out to over 500,000 voters via text message, Andy Beshear was elected by just over 5,000 votes. 


Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA)

The Challenge

As the top lawyers of their states, Attorneys General are on the front lines in protecting us. Whether litigating against the Muslim Ban, pushing back on unconstitutional plans to undercut in the upcoming 2020 Census, or standing firm against ripping up the Affordable Care Act, Democratic AGs form the bulwark between us and the worst impulses of Washington. Our mission in 2018 was to pick up and maintain as many Democratic AGs as we could across 14 states in order to put Democrat AGs in the majority. We succeeded.

Democratic Attorneys General Association Logo
2018 DAGA Area Graph on Texting

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TextOut is proven to improve candidate name ID, voter support, and voter turnout

  • Some voters were dedicated Democrats: highly partisan and strong voters 

  • However, most were actually “swing” voters who were far less partisan in their views with a variety of voting histories

Starting in June - more than four months before Election Day - and continuing through September, volunteers spoke with these 540,000 voters across nearly 775,000 peer-to-peer text messages. In October, we conducted an in-depth poll of 2,500 of those we texted as well as 2,000 voters we didn’t text to try and answer one question: did our early work move the needle?
State of Wisconsin
Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul
State of Arizona
Photo of Democratic Attorney General candidate January Contreras

In 2018 we undertook an ambitious program to talk with more than 540,000 voters in Wisconsin and Arizona well before Election Day.

The answer is yes
Percent of polled voters who said they’d heard “a lot” or “some” about the Attorney General candidate:
Percentage polled voters saying they would vote for the Democratic Attorney General candidate:
DAGA Texting Results on Turnout in Wisconsin and Arizona

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Portrait of Josh Kaul

Josh Kaul, 45th Wisconsin Attorney General 


The 4-point increase in support from those texted early was pivotal in Josh's win where just 17,190 votes claimed victory.

Democratic AGs now the majority with 27 states

These Democratic AGs are the most diverse in history, now representing a majority of the U.S. population (58%) as well as states responsible for a majority of U.S. GDP (63.1%).

Percent Won
Democratic Votes Added
Flip / Hold
Portrait of Mark Herring

Mark Herring





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Portraitof Dana Nessel

Dana Nessel




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Portrait of Aaron Ford

Aaron Ford





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Portrait of Josh Kaul

Josh Kaul





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Phil Weiser

Portrait of Phil Weiser





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Kwame Raoul

Portrait of Kwami Rasoul




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Portrait of Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison




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Portrait of Karl Racine

Karl Racine




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Portrait of Brian Frosh

Brian Frosh



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Katie Porter for Congress (CA-45)

The Challenge

Katie Porter, a UC-Irvine law professor, consumer protection attorney, and single mother of three was a first-time candidate in a congressional district that had voted for a Republican in every presidential election since Franklin D. Roosevelt ...until 2016. It had never voted in a Democrat to Congress. Could she make history and flip California’s 45th district in 2018? 

Katie Porter for Congress Logo

The Results

After conducting peer-to-peer listening, persuasion, and mobilization to more than 100,000 voters via text message, Katie Porter was elected as the 45th Congressional Representative of Irvine, California by 3.4 points. She added 36,741 more Democratic votes from the last midterm in 2014 and held onto 2016’s turnout among young and progressive voters who were essential to her win. As one of the four Democrats who together flipped Orange County in total from red to blue, she helped Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in Washington.

Katie Porter at Victory Rally

Eric Bunch for Kansas City, Missouri City Council

The Challenge

Eric Bunch: energetic community advocate, a first-time candidate. He ran to take on the challenge of keeping Kansas City the most livable place in America while also managing the growth that was turning it into a world-class destination for businesses and their workers. Could Eric win in a nonpartisan, 2-way runoff? 

Eric Bunch for Kansas City, MO City Council logo
Blue gradient
The Results
Portrait of Eric Bunch
“I knocked thousands of doors in my City Council race, but in a runoff election for a municipal race that was literally the last name on the ballot, I knew it was not going to be enough. That’s where texting came in. We were able to reach thousands of more voters quickly, persuasively, and cost-effectively.  Turnout surged to the highest in years, and we won by 361 votes. I believe that our texting program with the Text Troop and TextOut was critical in putting us over the top to the win.”
 Eric Bunch, Kansas City Councilman-Elect

Kentucky Pension Funding Rapid Response with Progressive State Leaders Committee

The Challenge

Governor Matt Bevin and the Kentucky GOP presided over one of the nation’s worst pension shortfalls for its teachers and public employees. His solve? Use a bait-and-switch tactic in the dead of night to transform an unrelated sewage water services bill into one that gut existing and future pension commitments. Could we rally Kentuckians to demand Governor Bevin to veto the bill? 


The Results

In just 48 hours, PSLC was able to identify and rally over 2,000 people to take direct action and call the Governor’s office, shutting down his phone lines for days. The Governor ran the clock out to the very last minute to delay signing the bill but finally caved in on March 29, 2018. In December 2018, the Kentucky Supreme Court unanimously struck down the bill as the shady trick it had always been.

Photo by Timothy D. Easley / AP. Cathedral style foyer with hundreds of people on multiple levels
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